The 411: Since 2006, happens to be the no. 1 site for adolescents, encouraging these to appreciate their own youth making existence’s biggest choices, like when to have intercourse, whenever they’re positively prepared, with a revamped appearance, they may be carrying out that a lot better than ever before.

When kids wish somewhere to visit understand sex, pregnancy, connections etc, they don’t really really head to federal government web pages. They need a place of their own, and is exactly why was actually formed.

For the past nine decades, keep Teen might the go-to resource for teenagers, a special i’m all over this cyberspace simply for them where they can get info that handles the problems they value by far the most without causing them to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Now, keep Teen is debuting a whole new appearance several amazing features, with an important focus getting quality content.

“we are actually excited about it because we’ve discovered so much about what our market desires, and now we’ve especially put a focus on community,” said Jessica Sheets Pika, director of marketing and sales communications. “we all know teens love to speak about this stuff, however in a spot that is safe and non-judgmental, so we made a genuine work on concentrating on allowing adolescents to comment on producing a place where they are able to ask lots of concerns and watch solutions.”

Stay Teen’s users vary in years from 13 to 17, nevertheless the website adapts their articles with regards to the get older level and situation. In keeping with this motif, keep teenage will offer even more content that’s written by adolescents, including subject areas like staying away from pregnancy unless you’re prepared, establishing healthier interactions, working with breakups and much more.

“all those problems that cope with gender, interactions, internet dating and something under that giant umbrella is truly what we should talk about, and now we attempt to pay attention to doing it such that is very teen-friendly,” Sheets Pika stated.

We spoke with Sheets Pika to obtain more details as to what the newest website requires, also the effective sources keep Teen consistently offer.

Getting teenagers inside the motorist’s seat

While Stay teenage’s most well known article is actually “Is It Possible To Get Pregnant If…?” the brand new web site will cover an even larger selection of topics, including the dangers of unprotected sex, how to choose the most effective version of birth control for you personally and ways to go over those issues with your medical professional.

“That article has actually revealed us which our target is actually exploring sex as well as their sexuality, and they are uncertain what the outcomes tend to be because of this conduct,” Sheets Pika stated.

Not all things are switching.

Remain teenage still has some good attributes which have been very useful to their market, including their Health Center Finder that will help teenagers find physicians close by in addition to Process Explorer which allows teenagers to learn about various forms of birth prevention and which my work ideal for them.

“We believe this is actually beneficial to kids because most of the time, they do not want their particular parents knowing they may be getting contraceptive, so that they are trying to determine a location they are able to go that is low-cost, non-judgmental and some place capable go or bus to,” she stated. “Our aim is place teens inside driver’s seat with training by themselves on different sorts of practices. Our very own information is actually we desire one to take pleasure in your teen many years and hesitate intercourse before you’re really prepared, that may mean when you are earlier.”

Connecting the difference between kids and parents

From beneficial services to fun games to collaborative occasions, such as the 14th Annual nationwide Day avoiding Teen Pregnancy that encourages individuals to consider exactly how an unexpected pregnancy would transform their particular lives, teens and moms and dads as well are supplied with a lot of reliable information because of Stay Teen.

“Teens tend to be discovering things that they failed to otherwise discover more about, and much more importantly, these include speaking about this site with their buddies, and their men and, contrary to popular belief, and their parents,” Sheets Pika said. “the goal is always to have more available and honest conversations among teenagers and parents.”

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